A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Elections get very boring, sometimes highly emotional and definitely hard to track with all the flip flopping that candidates do. For the 2016 election, the field contains one particularly colorful candidate who expresses extreme positions, though sometimes changing which extreme is the current one the candidate fervently supports. What better candidate could one have as a basis to gamify politics?

This game allows you to bonk this candidate for flip flopping around the political arena, not to mention leveraging the candidate's often estranged party relationship for bonus points. The game also providing insight into what the candidate stands for, wants to do and what the likely impact would be on the US and the world in general were this candidate elected.

Game play comes in three selectable varieties: easy, hard and, of course, legendary. Points are accrued and your top rate of "points achieved per second" is tracked between games. As you acquire points in a game, the game play speeds up. There are three levels in each game. The transition from the first to the second level happens at 1000 points and from the second to the third level at 5000 points.

Enjoy Bonking the Bully - we enjoyed putting it all together, not to mention adding the appropriate background audio. If played in public, we'd advise you use earphones ...

Download the Android APK or Windows executable to play, or go to http://www.badrabbit.is for the HTML 5 version of the game.

Go Bonk the Bully ... Game on!

Install instructions

For the Android APK, don't forget to set your system security settings to allow installation from a 3rd party source.

For the PC executable file - simply copy it to your PC and double click on it.


Bonk The Bully.apk 18 MB
Bonk The Bully.exe 11 MB